MIPOGG officially launching at SIOP 2019

From October 23rd to the 27th, the 51st annual Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) will take place in Lyon, France. This is when and where the MIPOGG app will officially be launched!Come meet our team at booth number 10! We will be there to answer all your questions a... »

An eHealth decision-support tool to prioritize referral practices for genetic evaluation of patients with Wilms tumor

Cullinan N, et al. Int J Cancer. 2019.Over 10% of children with Wilms tumor have an underlying cancer predisposition syndrome. There is an increasing demand for genetic evaluation and a need to rationalize genetic referrals for this population. As part of the MIPOGG initiative, a decisional algorith... »

Retrospective evaluation of a decision-support algorithm (MIPOGG) for genetic referrals for children with neuroblastic tumors

Goudie C, et al. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2018.Neuroblastomas are associated with a variety of cancer predisposition syndromes, some of which are difficult to identify by physicians. Through the MIPOGG initiative, we developed a decisional algorithm to identify which patients with neuroblastoma have an... »

The McGill Interactive Pediatric OncoGenetic Guidelines: An approach to identifying pediatric oncology patients most likely to benefit from a genetic evaluation

Goudie C, et al. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2017.The McGill Interactive Pediatric OncoGenetic Guidelines (MIPOGG) project aims to create an eHealth decision-support tool in the form of a smartphone/tablet application using algorithms to process clinical data and help determine whether to refer a child fo... »